Saturday, March 27, 2010


This week has been super exhausting, but also really exciting.
First off, my organization plan is underway and I'm loving it. I have been getting things done, and I feel SO much better! My mom bought me a pretty planner that is becoming my heart and soul. If I ever lose it, I WILL die.
Then on Tuesday I did a photoshoot with my good friend Erin. (She used to be my Young Womens leader, and is super sweet:) It was super fun; I'd never done any modeling/pictures stuff since my pageants in 7th grade, it was hard to feel comfortable with it again, but I had a blast! I wore my purple dress from homecoming and posed in various places around Peteetneet Academy. It was super windy which made it....interesting :) but it all worked out in the end.
I went to detention after school on Thursday to make up my attendance deficencies-so that I could go on band tour on Monday. LOL It was really fun because many of my band friends also had to serve detention, it was a party. Haha. When we all walked in together the lady holding detention said, "Let me guess. Band trip next week, huh?" :)
On Friday I was a "roadie" on the Jazz Band's trip up to Jordan High School for their State Performance. It was really fun and they did AMAZING!! (As usual) They got straight 1's!!! It was super exciting! Mr. Larsen is going to send in a recording of them playing to see if they can play at the UMEA "grand meeting." Haha Whoever could went to Evan Kaiser's house to celebrate that night. We played "dodgeball" in their basement and then watched movies. I have wonderful friends!
That brings me to today. I got a TON done today, and am finally being allowed to breathe. Band tour is on Monday morning until Wednesday, so today was my day to get everything ready. I went and picked up a trial pair of contacts, bought a new swimming suit, swim shorts, and "towl dress", toiletries, snacks, minutes for cell phone, etc. etc. I'm nervous to leave home for three days with everything going on in life right now, but I'm also really pysched! :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Beginnings

3rd term is over, hallelujah!!! I didn't do so very good with my grades this term...but I'm not as freaked out and depressed over it as I normally would be. Is that bad? I'm kind of leaning towards thinking that it's not that bad...being sick has made me absent way too much. But I've been feeling LOADS better, dizziness easing, not as much insomnia, etc. I'm SO excited. I'll be able to do better next term, I can feel it :D
My mom even bought me some pretty new binders, dividers, papers, etc. I've come up with a huge organization/studying/homework/daily life scheduling plan and am going to try it out starting tomorrow. I think that I'll be a lot happier once I buy a planner and attempt to organize my life. Alleviate whatever unnecessary stressers I have.
I finally got the leaks in my flute fixed which I'm pretty excited about. I kept putting it off and it was horrible. Now it's great just in time for band tour to Las Vegas. ( March 29-31) I used to be totally dreading tour but now I'm actually getting a little excited. It's all about attitude right? I can make it fun no matter what happens, as long as I choose that road...I hope.
Prom is at the end of April and I've already been thinking about it all the time, and have money saved away hoping that I'll have the opportunity to go. I've told my parents I don't care if I get asked, but they know-as do I-how disappointed I will be if I end up at home that night...
Well, that's basically it right now. Food is calling me :)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, obviously I have not kept up on this all. Haha, ummm...where to start.
I've had some great things happen lately, but am also feeling incredibly overwhelmed and depressed. I really need to get into gear and work hard with my deadlings-mainly in school-and make many decisions that I'm stressing over.
But, first of all, the good things. I found a dear friend Jamie on facebook and am so ecstatic! She's my first best friend from 5th grade. We stayed in touch for a couple years after I moved but gradually drifted. I cried-happy tears-when I saw her friend request, I'm SO happy that she found me :)
I also finally got my schedule solidified for my Senior year which has helped me to relax alot. I also decided that I want to start working on the path to become a high school English Teacher. While it's great to finally have a decision made with college ever coming closer, it's SO weird! I feel really old, and I'm not sure how I feel about it...
I've also been driving A TON lately. I pester my parents about it with every opportunity and have been enjoying it very much. I can't wait to get my license, I wish that I'd never gotten behind. I'm going to sign up for the next Driver's Ed. class.
Pep band is also over after tomorrow, I hate it...and am so happy that I won't have to worry about it anymore :)
As for feeling overwhelmed...I guess it's just more discouraged than anything. I'm so sick and tired of feeling dizzy all the time, not being able to sleep, daily migraines, fatique, weakness, vision problems, etc. and the doctors telling me that nothing is wrong with me. I've been through almost every test they can do for goodness sake! *Sigh* It's so upsetting because it held me back this past year with marching band and now it's looking like it will do the same for next season. I want to be better. I have no idea what I'm going to/will be able to do with marching band next year. I've almost lost my desire to do it at all but at the same time I love it.
Then, homework. End of term is coming up in a couple weeks and I have SO much absent work to do. I am so scared that I won't be able to get it all done.
Why can't time just freeze for a while so that I can breathe?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Post!!

Well, I created this blog quite a while ago but have been putting off beginning to post because I have absolutely no idea what to do. So here goes. I found some fun "Icebreaker Questions" online and am hoping that maybe by writing about myself a bit it will "Break the Ice" for me and make this feel less awkward. :) Haha

Apple or Orange Juice:
I like both equally, I basically love any juice. If I was in charge of the shopping trips for my family, juices would be the only drinks we ever get. I mean, milk? Eew.

Morning or Night Person:
Definitely night. I have insomnia so it's hard to go to bed anyways-but I love to stay up late and sleep in.

Favorite Smells:
Roses, rain, Drakaar, Melted Chocolate, Cucumber Melon, New Books, etc. etc.

My absolute favorite color is purple, and lime green and aqua come in as close second and thirds. However, lately I've been beginning to enjoy the black/red/white trio more...there's a store in the Orem mall that only has clothes of that color; it's AMAZING! I'm thinking that I'll do them possibly for wedding colors like my mom did.... :)

Favorite Cereal:
I generally don't eat breakfast...but the Peanut Butter Cup kind is pretty yummy.

Pet Peeves:
People leaving cupboards open,swearing,clickishness,chipped nails, messes, boys...*hehehe*

Bad Habits:
Oh my, there's so many. I procrastinate, always dump my clothes on the floor of my room, forget to call people, put myself down, stress over little things, etc.

Least favorite candy:
I like pretty much everything except for the "Whoppers, Malted Milk Balls" and anything "Red Hot" (Cinnamon) I love anything with chocolate, or anything sour ^_^

Which 7 Drawf are you:

Favorite movie line:
"Buuuuubbbbbbllleeeess!!" -Finding Nemo
(A nickname I got from my friend Harmony:)

Favorite Fruit and Veggies:
That's hard. I like basically everything. The only things that I don't like are celery, squash, ...and yeah, that's it :)

Best Year of your life, and why:
I think it's a tie between 5th grade, and the school year that I'm in now; for similar reasons-relatively. During 5th grade I was living in Richfield and it was neat because it was the first time I had a really close best friend: Jamie Chappell and my first crush: Trevor Waters. I loved my teacher, won a few writing contests, loved the house we were in, etc.
And this year has been great, it's just been hard. I think that once I'm able to look back on it then I will be able to say it was one of the best years. I've had a lot of turning points this year that have really changed who I am as a person, and the way that my life will be. For the better. :) I have great friends, love band, etc.

Favorite Pie:
Banana cream, all the way.

Were you named after anyone:
My parents picked Ashley simply because it was a popular name around the time that I was born, and they liked it. But I got my middle name-Taylor-after my Great Grandma Taylor on my mom's side of the family.

Do you like to cook:
I LOVE to cook. I'm not that good at it, but I'm working on it. Like a lot of people my favorite things to make are desserts :D

Sunrise or Sunset:
Either one. They're both equally beautiful. It would depend on who I'm with and the situation as to my preference. One day I hope to watch one of them with a spouse :)

Time Machine, Where would you go and why:
Really hard...probably to a time when I was sitting just talking with my Grandpa Rawle. He passed away when I was about 13 and I miss him a lot. When you talked to him he listened to you like you were the only person in the world.

Most Hated Household Chore:
Cleaning my For some reason the rest of the house always seems like more fun to clean when my room is messy :)

Something you miss from Childhood:
Riding my bike.

House on fire, grab three things:
-Scriptures -Laptop -Camera

Favorite Place on Earth:
My Bedroom

Have to change your Name:
Amy. It's a random girls name that I've always liked. It was the name of the main character in a novel that I started and gave up on during middle school. Amy Copen...Lol.

Amusement Parks, Favorite Ride, etc.
I'm not a big fan of stuff like that. I used to be pretty brave, but I've gotten worse. I'm a total scaredy cat now :)

Collector of Anything:
Not right now. I went through phases when I was little where I collected stamps and bouncy balls though.

If you could be an animal:
Dolphin, my absolute favorite. They're the epitome of grace and beauty, kindness, etc.

Any superpower, what would it be:
Strength. I'm SO weak.

Your first thought when you wake up:
WHY????!!!! :(

How would you like to die:
Peacefully in my sleep; after having had a chance to say goodbye to my friends and family earlier.

What would you attempt if you knew you couldn't fail:
Writing my first novel, I keep putting it off because I'm insecure and scared about it.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be:
That I could see things more realistically. The way I view myself, and the things that stress me out.

If you could have a room full of one thing, what would it be:
Books! I know, I'm a nerd. :P

Last thought before you go to sleep:
Probably a boy, or the things on my to-do list for the next day.

One thing that not many people know about you:
I write about a poem a day, I love poetry.